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Terms & Conditions

1. We are unable to guarantee any paranormal activity on the night of the event (spirits tend to do what they want, when they want!)


2. Any person found breaking the folowing rules will be asked to leave without refund*.


        *No faking faking spirit activity or carrying out pranks.

        *No violent or abusive behaviour .

        * No person under the age of 18 are permitted to any of our events (unless stated otherwise).

        * No drugs or alcohol are permitted at our events. Anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


3. Forgotten Souls UK will not be liable for any damage or loss of personal property  during an event.  This also includes any damage from paranormal activity.


4. Forgotten Souls UK will not be liable for any injuries/accidents/incidents that may occur.

5. Should  an event be cancelled  then we will transfer your booking to a future date of the same value and of your choice. Refunds are not available. Should you wish to cancel your booking we will need to know a minimum of 10 days in advance so that we can transfer you to another event of the same value and of your choosing, no refunds will be given.

6. Different people may experience different phenomena. We ask that you respect others beliefs and opinions.

7 . As most our investigations happen at night so please make sure you are safe to drive home or book accomadation for the night


8. You may use your own equipment.  This is entirely at your own risk. Please make sure your equipment is insured, this is your  responsibility

9. If you have a specific dietary requirement e.g. vegan, intolerance, we require advanced knowledge. 

10. When leaving an event, please respect the lateness of the hour and the needs of nearby residents and leave quietly.

11. Please be aware that if you arrive late to an investigation it sets back the start time of the event. We ask you to ensure you arrive on time. We also ask that you make us aware in advance if you cannot make an event or are going to arrive late.

12.  Forgotten Souls Uk  does not provide transport.


13. Anyone who wishes to use our equipment is welcome to do so. You will be responsible for it during the event. If you fail to return it you will be charged for a replacement.

14. These terms and conditions are non-negotiable, and your booking of an event demonstrates your acceptance of them.

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