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Our Flagship Location

A beautiful historical building with a ballroom and original clocktower that still chimes today

About Us


Our Logo 

Featuring the tree of life and some lost souls we hope to find 


Our Team

We are a professional paranormal investigation team based in Cambridgeshire. 


We use a blend of modern technology (SB7, Ovulus, Rem pods, K2 and SLS cameras) as well as more traditional methods (Ouija board, human pendulum and seances) to capture evidence of the paranormal.

We now share these experiences with others via our ghost hunting events, where we guide the public through a authentic paranormal investigation

All of our group members have a lifelong interest in the paranormal . We  formed our own team after meeting at various paranormal investigations and realising how well we worked together. We are all experienced investigators and each member brings different skills to the team.

The Wisbech Institute was our flagship location and the home of our friends at The Paranormal Parlour. 

You can find tickets to our events on our Tickets page and keep up with our News page to see our new locations coming soon!

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